Emma from All things lists

Hi, I’m Emma. Welcome to All Things Lists.

Confession time. I love lists. 

However they come…to do lists, spreadsheets, bullets, longer length listicles.  Fun lists, historical, information. Lists appeal to my love of trivia.

Hence All Things Lists.

I’ve been blogging for around 10 years, over at my family lifestyle blog Bubbablue and me. I also love dance, hence I also blog at What about Dance. Married to a farmer, mother of 1, and heading towards the age where you start to forget things…I can’t live without lists to organise my life and remember everything I need to do.

Everyone loves a list don’t they?  When I ran a poll, 91% said they loved lists, mainly because a list helps keep us organised. Without at least an occasional list, we’d be lost. 

So what’s this blog about?

All Things Lists is about celebrating lists. Bringing them together for fun, facts and living.

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