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Favourite books like the Bridgerton series

It’s not long now until Netflix’s Bridgerton returns with the next series. Hopefully most people watching know that the tv show is based on Julia Quinn’s book series based in the regency period.  The books (and subsequent tv shows) are about the romance, amusement, family and life of the 8 Bridgerton children as they plan or prepare to settle down and find a husband or wife. If you enjoy the books or tv show, here’s recommendations on other books like the Bridgerton series.

The Regency period has been popular for books over the years, with Jane Austen probably the most famous author of the time. We’ve seen modern authors also setting books in the period like Julia Quinn, and there’s plenty of other Regency themed books to stock up on.  

If you’re a fan of a book series you’re in luck, because there’s plenty of authors writing series of novels about families in the Regency period. So you’ll have a large pool of books to choose from on similar themes to Bridgerton.

if you like bridgerton try these books

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The Bridgerton Books in order

As the books are written in order from Anthony’s story, the oldest, down to the youngest child, it makes sense to read them in line. You can buy the Bridgerton books as a set or individually.

  1. The Duke and I – Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, The Duke of Hastings
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me – Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield
  3. An Offer From a Gentleman – Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett
  4. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton – Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington 
  5. To Sir Philip, With Love – Eloise Bridgerton and Sir Phillip
  6. When He Was Wicked – Francesca Bridgerton and Michael Stirling
  7. In His Kiss – Hyacinth Bridgerton and Gareth St. Clair
  8. On The Way to the Wedding – Gregory Bridgerton and Lady Lucinda Abernathy
  9. The Bridgerton: Happily Ever After – A Novella featuring matriarch Violet and epilogues for all the happy couples.

If you’ve read the Bridgerton books and can’t get enough of the period while you’re waiting for the rest of the series to be made and shown on tv, why not try some of these authors’ books.

Other books like Bridgerton

Jane Austen

These are classics written during the period, which inspired many other modern authors. If you want to get deeper into the characters, settings, Bath, and the Season, Jane Austen’s 6 books are standalone stories. They’re Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Emma, Sense and Sensability and Mansfield Park.

If you’re wanting a faster, lighter read then try one of the contemporary regency themed novels instead. Many of which incorporate romance, societal expectations, historical settings, and in many cases women ahead of their time, standing up for themselves and others.

Julia Quinn

Smythe-Smith quartet series. Remember the terrible musicians from the Smythe-Smith family in Bridgerton, now you can find out more about their own story.

Georgette Heyer

Try any one of her 52 books still in print. From regency historical romances to detective fiction, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Tessa Dare

Castles Ever After series– women who inherit a castle, and how they meet their heroes.

The Stud Club trilogy – books based on 3 heroes who have shares in a racehorse. The club’s founder is murdered, so what happens to these part owners in suspicion, life and love.

Martha Waters

To Have and to Hoax. 5 years after their whirlwind romance and marriage, Lady Violet Grey and her husband hardly talk. After being called to his side following an accident and finding him in a tavern, she decides to teach him a lesson in a battle of wills.

old books pile with pink roses

Stephanie Laurens 

Cynster family series, with each book about the love story of the different siblings.

Sabrina Jefferies

The Hellions of Hellstead Hall – a romantic series that follows the grown up Stoneville siblings as they need to marry or risk losing their inheritance. 

My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris. This is an interactive book, where you choose your own adventure style (and the man). Don’t expect literary genius, but if you’re looking for laughter and a bit of a romp through the regency stereotypes, then this might be a book to pass the time.

If it’s more the themes in the book you enjoy – romance, strong women, set historical periods, and exploration of relationships and society’s expectations – try North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I was introduced to this book by the tv series with Richard Armitage in. This novel gives us a glimpse into the changing social and economic landscape of the 19th century. Plus a romance between a strong-willed young woman and a brooding mill owner.

There are also plenty of contemporary chick lit books which are set around themes of Jane Austen books and characters. You can find lists over on my Jane Austen theme films and book post.

What other books would you recommend for fans of Bridgerton books or show?

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  1. I haven’t read the Bridgerton books, but I’ve been wanting to since I loved the Netflix series. It’s great to know other books that are like Bridgerton!

    1. Ooh I really enjoyed the books (although reading ahead before the shows means a long wait for them!). I do love a regency novel, and there’s so many to choose from.