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Tips on creating a vision board to make goals happen

Most people agree that if you want to achieve your goals or dreams you need to note them down, and possibly even share them to make yourself accountable. A vision board is a great way to help visualise what your future looks like if your goals all happen.

A vision board is a great way to help visualise what your future looks like

tips to creating vision boards

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What is a vision board?

A vision board is a board that brings together ideas, images and visuals that show your dreams and goals. How you foresee your life in the future. You can collage, draw, paint, cut or rip out images that represent your goals and mean something to you.

When you look at your board it should make you feel positive. Emotionally strong. And empowered to make your goals happen.

If you don’t want to make it too overwhelming, make your vision board in stages.

So what’s the first goal, and how will you get there. Then move onto the next. Or you can do a vision board for a shorter timescale – for the shorter or longer term.

But life doesn’t always work so neatly, and we can work on more than one thing at once, so it’s more normal to have your vision of the future in the one board.

Your vision board should be easily visible. If you don’t want to have it on show, maybe have it on the inside of your wardrobe door, or the back of your office door. Somewhere it’s easily seen by you when you want a boost or reminder of your aims.

What you need for your board

There’s not much you need to create your board of goals and dreams. If you’re good at drawing or art, why not get a large piece of paper or cardstock, and get out your pens.

Here’s some ideas of what to include on your personal goals board. If you have lots of ideas, it might be easier to split them into different sections or even different boards, e.g career and personal life.

post its of goals

What to include on your vision board

  • Your family set up
  • Your relationship goals
  • Your future children’s names
  • Where you’d like to live
  • Your dream home – size, location, decor, neighbourhood
  • Future pets you’d like in your family
  • Ideal holiday locations
  • Activities you’d like to try, or want to be skilled at
  • Cities and countries you’d like to visit
  • Languages you want to learn
  • Your dream job
  • Career path
  • Concerts and theatre performances you’d like to see
  • Music you’d like to master
  • Meals you’d like to learn to cook for different occasions
  • Dream wedding or honeymoon
  • Who would you like to meet
  • What your daily routine would look like in your dream future
  • Dream purchases – technology, home, car etc
  • Fitness and health goals

A vision board can obviously change over time. As you tick off your milestones on the way to your big goals, it’s worth revisiting. This is where digital board can work well, although they’re less visible and can feel less personal.

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Have you ever done a vision board? If so, how often do you update it?

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