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Fun lists to make when bored

Sometimes it’s good to while away a bit of spare time with something that’s fun and frivolous. It’s good for the soul to smile. But also great to enjoy a bit of downtime.

If you’re bored and wondering what to do, then why not create a fun list or two to fill the time.

Remember great memories.

And maybe it will lead to random acts of kindness following on from some of these about people.

fun list ideas for when you're bored

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Ideas for fun lists to make when bored

Grab your nearest notebook and get writing (or drawing!).

List your favourite memories from school

List your favourite teachers from school or university

List your childhood crushes

List your favourite family memories

List your best friends from childhood through adulthood.

List your favourite things about your partner

List your favourite things about your children

List your family members and their best traits

List your favourite things about being in love

List your favourite books

List your favourite phrases or quotes

List your favourite places to visit

List every country or city you’ve visited

List your favorite holiday traditions.

List the favourite souvenir you’ve found in every place you’ve visited

List the best events that have happened in your life

List your favourite meals

List your favourite desserts

List your favourite restaurants

List your favorite fast-food meals.

List your favourite drinks

List your favorite summer activities.

List your favorite winter activities.

List your favourite sports

List your favorite songs.

List all the music you can play on an instrument.

List your favourite bands

List your favourite books

List your favourite films

List all the films you’ve seen

List all your favourite theatre shows

List your favorite TV shows.

List your celebrity crushes

List your favorite people, and why

List your favorite hobbies.

List your favourite or worst fashion trends through the eras

List your biggest achievements

List what you’re most proud of

List your favorite personality traits in a person.

List your favorite smells

List the little things that make your smile

List things you’re grateful for.

List your bucket list activities

Find other suggestions for ways to fill your empty notebooks

Hopefully writing lists of fun things will help take your mind off more serious things and daily chores. Writing these may also inspire you to get planning for another activity, trip, meal or project.

What do you enjoy listing for fun?

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  1. Some of these lists I already have going, some sound pretty cool and want to definitely start to work on! Thank you for the list, it’s a brilliant one x

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