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How to invest in yourself for free

While we all invest time in our jobs, and looking after our homes and families, we don’t always invest in ourselves. To Invest in yourself doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, if any. There’s plenty you can do for free.

It’s so important to value yourself. 

To treat yourself how you want to treat others.

To show your children that it’s important to value everyone including yourself, and that means taking time for yourself.

Here’s some of the ways you can invest in yourself without spending lots of money.

invest in yourself for free

Tips to invest in yourself for free

1. Think about and set long term goals you want to achieve and the steps you’ll do to get there.

2. Create a vision board to inspire you to keep on track

3. Re-write your CV. It’s always worth having it up to date, so if you do decide to change jobs it’s ready to go (with maybe a couple of tailoring tweaks). And if your goals have changed, then start to look for a new job.

4. Discover new music – there’s plenty of options for streaming for free, use youtube, or just listen to the radio. Follow people with similar tastes in music, or ask around for new music you might not know.

5. Sing. It always improves the mood.

6. Dance around the kitchen. This is my favourite thing to do, it makes me feel good, and if I’m practising steps it means I also feel like I’m keeping my fitness and my steps in.

7. Start a new hobby. Many can be free, or get together with friends to keep costs low. 

8. Return to an old hobby, and at the same time make use of all the old equipment you have hidden away from when you used to do the hobby (cough, that’ll be me needing to return to dance and make use of all my dance shoes in the bottom of my wardrobe!).

9. Learn new skills by doing a course. Yes most cost money, but if you get benefits or are a certain age, or even just live in a certain area, there might be courses for free or reduced rates.  Online there’s more opportunities. Look for those that give you some kind of qualification afterwards if you want to use it for changing career. Otherwise, there’s plenty of free courses run by The Open University, or the Government, or even some banks. Alternatively link up with friends to share skills.

10. Arrange meet ups with friends. Put in regular times or arrange to see different friends at different times.

11. Pamper yourself. Take a long bath,paint your nails, do your hair.

12. Practice some hyyge –  curl up in front of the fire under blankets, with a hot drink of your choice. 

13. Clear out your wardrobe of anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit you. Upcycle or repair any broken items, or get them altered to fit. Wearing clothes you love that fit perfectly

14. Go for a health check. Once you’re over 40 GPs often invite you in for an annual check up. So why not take them up on it.

girl reading book in a field with lots of books beside her

15. Go for a walk. Getting outside in nature makes people feel better, helps you sleep. 

16. Take a proper lunchbreak and do something for you.  Read a book, do exercise, or just sit and relax.

17. Delegate chores to the rest of the family. If you’re the person who feels like they do everything at home, then delegate some of the jobs out. But make sure you’re not around when they’re being done so you have that time to yourself.

18. Do mindfulness. Whether it’s colouring, meditation, or something else.  There are apps you can use to help if you’ve not done any before.

So 18 ideas of how you can be kind to yourself and invest time for yourself for free.

How do you take time to improve or just enjoy the time you have available for you.

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  1. Such a great list here! Reading and learning new things it’s what I usually go for, but there are so many ideas to try out, like starting a new hobby or getting back to an old one!

  2. I loved writing about this topic. Investing yourself is so important. Thank you for sharing your suggestions for personal growth.


  3. Love all these suggestions 🙂 I try to live by them so that there is some small joy in everyday things, instead of always waiting for the big stuff!


    1. Yes, it’s so nice to take time to enjoy the lttle things, after all, we can’t always wait for the big things

  4. Oh, I love this so much! I’ve been really struggling with my mental health over the past month, so seeing a post like this really makes me motivated to boot my mood and try something new (or revisit something old that I love)!

    1. Glad to help. Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves, and it’s so important too. Hope things look up for you soon

  5. These are some lovely ideas! I definitely need to take more time to invest in myself, I’ll be referring to this list when I need some inspiration.
    Saph x

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