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69 Mood boosting list ideas to make you smile

We can’t always feel positive and happy all the time. But by writing mood boosting lists of memories and happy things, they can make you smile and lifft your mood

Often it’s the little things that make you smile. Wishes, dreams. Events and memories. People who inspire and are good to be with. Places you enjoy visiting. If you want a little pick me up, something to make you smile then a list might be the way to go.

You don’t need lots of time and effort. Taking a shorter amount of time, and just writing, not worrying or thinking too much about it can be worth doing.

Just taking a little time out for yourself. To think and write. It’s like self care in a list.

You don’t even need to keep hold of the list. Although if you want to remind yourself of it over time, why not create a lists or memories jar, and put all your happy lists in it to bring out when you need some happy vibes. It could be a great way for children to talk with parents about their feelings by doing a similar list keeping exercise.

Why not write some of these mood boosting lists when you’re next struggling and see how they can lift you afterwards.

happy woman arms spread out

69 Mood boosting list ideas

List your favorite books.

List the books you want to read.

List your favourite poetry / poets.

List your favorite movies.

List the movies you want to watch.

List your favourite songs / music (and play them)

List all the countries/cities you’ve been to.

List all the countries/cities you want to go to.

List all the adventures you’ve been on.

List all the adventures you want to go on.

List all your hobbies (past and present).

List the hobbies you would like to try.

List the languages you’d like to learn

List all the phrases you know how to say in different languages

List your favorite people (friends, celebrities and dead)

List people who have helped you.

List people you have helped.

List different ways to fundraise and who to fundraise for

List money-making ideas.

List your favourite activities to do in spring

List your favourite activities to do in summer

List your favourite activities to do in autumn

List your favourite activities to do in winter

List your best childhood memories.

List the things you loved to do as a child.

List all the things you know how to do well.

List the skills you’d like to learn.

List the problems you’ve solved and the challenges you’ve overcome.

List your favorite meals and desserts.

List all the foods you would like to try.

List the recipes you’d like to cook.

List your best qualities –your best physical and character traits.

List ways to de-stress

List your favourite self care activities

List your favourite outfits

List ways you can step out of your comfort zone.

List your strengths.

List your weaknesses and ways to deal with those weaknesses.

List all the things you would like to improve about yourself

List your positive habits.

List positive habits you would like to adopt.

List all the goals you’ve achieved.

List the goals you want to achieve.

List the things you’ve done that you’re most proud of.

List the most important life lessons you’ve learned.

List the things you love about your partner

List things you would like to do with your partner

List the things you love most about your kids.

List things you would like to do with your kids.

mood boosting lists to make you smile .

List your favourite animals

List your favourite flowers or trees

List your favourite smells

List things you need to stop worrying about.

List the best compliments you’ve received.

List random acts of kindness you want to try

List 50 things you’re grateful for.

List everything you’d like to happen in your ideal day

List the simple pleasures that make you smile

Make a list of gifts you’d like to receive in case anyone asks

List gifts you would like to give to others.

List everything you want to declutter

List people you admire.

List the courses you would like to take.

List your favourite quotes and phrases

List the best dances you’ve ever had.

List the favourite places you’ve walked.

List ways you can make your life easier in work or at home.

List dates you’re free and things to do on those days.

What lists would you add if you were looking to make yourself smile?

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