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15 Self care lists to relax and improve your mindset

Self care. Most people don’t do enough of it. Sometimes we just need time out, especially if you’ve got a busy job or are organising family life around everything else that’s going on. We look after ourselves after everything else is done. Writing self care lists can help you relax and improve your mindset, making you ready for the day or upcoming week.

Taking 5 minutes (or ideally more) out of the day to think about our own interests, do something relaxing. Take our mind off the monotony of everything we have to get done. It’s a mood booster, and can really help productivity and positivity in all areas of life.

While there are plenty of things you can do to relax, list making can help with self care and improving your mindset. Research has proven that writing down your goals and dreams, can help you move towards them. It makes you accountable for what you want to do. So by keeping lists of self care ideas, it should help you carve out time for yourself.

15 useful self care lists

15 Self care lists to keep

1. List your self-care goals for the next month.

2. List goals for your relationship and how you might improve it

3. List past goals you’ve achieved that you are proud of.

4. List self-discovery goals. Dig into what you want to find out more of about your wants, needs and changes you’d like to make.

5. List mental health goals.

6. List your own favorite physical traits of yourself.

7. List your favorite personality traits of yourself.

8. List all the things you are thankful for about your body.

9. List your roles in life (including family, home, friends and job roles that impact who you are).

10. List ways you can practice self-care.

11. List gifts you want to buy yourself in the future.

12. List what makes you a great friend

13. List your friends and family and what you gain from being close to them.

13. List what you’ve achieved over the last week, month, year or in your life.

14. List reasons you’re proud to be who you are.

15. List 100 things you love about yourself (if this seems too hard you can do it in phases as you think of more).

What type of self care do you practice, and do you write lists to help?

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  1. After everything else has been taken care of, we focus on ourselves. Self-care lists can help you relax and boost your mentality, preparing you for the day or week ahead.

  2. I must admit, I suck at lists but it never occurred to me to make one for self care. That seems like something I would thrive at. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love lists, but have never thought about making one for self care. I’ll definitely be using this, as I definitely need to implement more into my daily routine xx


    1. Lists are so helpful aren’t they. Especially when you get a bit older and lose the photographic memory you had before!

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