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Tips on how to write faster

Being able to write fast can really help you out throughout your life. Yes, you need to be accurate in grammar and spelling, but getting down enough words on paper can help progress your education, work and hobbies.  I’m sharing tips on how to write faster.

I’ve always been a fast reader, but during my school and then university years I’ve got faster at writing too.  I think you get it drummed into you at an early age to think about what you’re writing, and to edit edit edt. But in my 3rd year at uni I just decided that after doing my research, I’d just write my essays in one go. Check them over, and that was it. I ended up getting much better grades compared to those from heavily edited essays I’d written in previous years.

Yes, editing proofreading is important. But depending on the type of writing, sometimes just having the confidence to write a piece in one go and avoid worrying over and over again about it, makes it easier to write.

It would certainly flow better.

Like with most skills, practice is the most important.

If you want to write but worry about it, you’ll never put pen to paper. My son’s teacher tells him to just get more down on paper. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. And the more you’ll have to assess yourself on how your writing is improving.

ways to increase your writing speed

Anyway, onto tips for how to write faster. I’m obviously coming from a blogging angle, but many of these apply to students and those wanting to start writing a book.

How to write faster

Gather your topics in advance

As and when you think of ideas or themes, write them down. It saves thinking of ideas from scratch when you’ve got writers block. Add any key points as and when you think of them too. You might find you end up with lots of your post’s points without even thinking of it.  Then it’s a case of expanding them later when you sit down to write.

Find your fastest method of getting writing down

If you’re not a fast typer, then try dictation. I used to do this for blog posts, and because it was only one thing I could concentrate on, I got posts ‘written’ really quickly. Until my app changed and then it required too much stopping and starting. But if you can find a good dictation app or website, they can work well.

Avoid background distractions

If you type your work, only have the programme you’re using open. Close down notifications and social media.  

If you get distracted by lyrics but like music, play classical music or similar.

Or work in silence

Don’t watch the tv in the background.  I know when I’m at my desk with nothing else on in the background, I can pump out 3-4 posts with no issues. But in front of the tv in the evenings, I can spend all night writing only one.

Don’t multi-task

If you get distracted easily, write by hand.  I find I can get the words flowing a lot faster when I handwrite in a notepad, than typing. Yes, it’s another step needed to then write it up, but you’ll probably find it’s the same time to do both bits as it does to just type.

computer with mug of hot drink

Write in one go / don’t edit as you go

Just get the first draft out. No going back and checking. Just write. You can edit afterwards.

Write to a deadline

Some people say it takes them days to write a blog post. If it’s recipe development I can see that taking a long time because it’s more than just writing. Likewise if it involves a lot of research from multiple sources, or you’re doing a huge travel guide that needs going back to check on photos and places. With practice you should be able to write a 1-1500 word blog post in 2 hours.

Some people work well to a deadline. Others prefer to have a looser outline of time.  To write more efficiently, some people swear by the Pomodoro technique. This entails setting out 20 minutes slots. So you write for 20 minutes. Have a short break. Complete the next 20 minutes etc. This way you do as much as you can in that 20 minutes before moving on to a break, and then your next task (or returning to the previous). It’s a more focused way of working, and can improve productivity.

Write a different style of posts

If you struggle to write essay style prose or articles, change the way you write.  Not every piece needs to be like an essay.  Break up your writing into sections, chapters, or into information or guide style. This entails lots of headings, maybe lists, visuals. Every type of writing needs different skills to accomplish, but if you struggle with one style, try another until you find a way you’re comfortable with.

Learn to touch type

Being able to type fast (and accurately) will always help speed up your writing. There are plenty of online courses and games to help practice. It’s always a helpful skill to have, especially if you’ve got terrible handwriting like my own!

Batch your work

Batching work is usually an efficient way to work. So if you’re on a run of good writing, move from one piece of writing to the next in one session.  Do photography in another session for several posts, then photo editing in another session. This will ensure your brain is in the right place for the full time instead of having to switch from one to the other. It also means you’re just using one piece of equipment instead of having to set up/pack away etc.

In the end though, the way to write faster is to practice and write more.

How do you get faster with your writing?

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  1. I easily get distracted and am a multi Tasker. Maybe few of the reasons of my taking more time. Recently I made a layout/list of my post as you said and that helped me navigate the writing. Some really good tips. I’ll keep in mind. Thanks for sharing. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

    1. I think a lot is about working out what works for you, as everyone is different. Ultimately it comes down to practice in the end

  2. These are great tips! It can be really hard to just keep writing and not get distracted with editing and wordsmithing, but it can also be SO IMPORTANT. Great post!

  3. Excellent list! I’ve been working my way up to posting 2x per week. Just getting to once a week took a bit because I was just so stuck on getting it right. Once I let that go, I was able to post weekly. Now, I’m at the point where I’ve smoothed out my process so I can add another day. I just decided to try batching the other day. I haven’t started yet, but I think it may help. Otherwise, I have the lists of ideas and listen to classical music or rainfall in the background. I even closed out Twitter a couple of weeks ago because it’s an easy distraction that takes me away from writing. It all helps! I might have to try a more stringent deadline now that I’m adding to how much I want to produce each week. Thanks for the tips.

    ~ Cassie

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place. Sometimes we do just need to relax it a bit. Usually it doesn’t impact traffic once you’ve got your blog going. Good luck with your 2 posts plans

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