athletics track shot from the ground and the start of th elanes

Names for different types of sports field

It’s not always easy to remember the different names of places sports are played. It always makes me laugh when my son gets the words wrong. Why sports field or pitch wasn’t named the same for more sports I don’t know. But here’s the different names for the different types of sports field.

Different types of sports field


Badminton court – similar to tennis, but with a shuttlecock, and played indoors.

Basketball court – rectangular, with the 3×3 version of the game played on a half court.

Handball court – rectangular (or field if played outdoors)

Netball court – rectangular

Padel court – enclosed court 25% smaller than a tennis court, the ball is hit over the net

Pickleball court – similar shape to a tennis court.

Squash court – an indoors enclosed court with the front wall having the serve line (‘net’), and the ball being hit against the front wall. The back wall can be glass.

Tennis court – rectangular court, slightly wider for doubles compared with a singles court, played from end to end with the ball hit over the net. There are four different court surfaces – hard, grass and clay.

Volleyball court – rectangular, can be played in or outdoors (e.g beach volleyball)

names of types of sports grounds

Sports pitch

Cricket pitch – the middle strip between the wickets that the batsmen run between, set on the cricket field. 

Football pitch – rectangular pitch, size varies depending on the age and number of players taking part (5 a side, 11 a side etc)

Hockey pitch – rectangular pitch, generally played on astro at a competitive level, but could be on grass.

Rugby pitch – rectangular pitch with the goal posts forward of the end of the field.

Sports field

American Football field – rectangular

Baseball field (diamond), players run around the diamond.

Polo field – large rectangular field, the size of 9 football fields.

Softball field or diamond – similar to baseball

Ultimate frisbee field

Sports track

Athletics track – oval track within an athletics arena or stadium

Cycling track in a velodrome – velodromes tend to have steeply banked oval tracks, consisting of two 180-degree circular bends connected by two straights.


Boxing ring – raised square ‘ring’ enclosed with rope edging

Karate ring – mats create a 8x8m square ring

Sumo ring or dohyo – raised ring.

Taekwondo ring – octagonal shape mat creates the ring

Wrestling ring – the type of ring depends on the style of wrestling, whether it’s like a raised square boxing ring or a ring on the ground like in greco-roman wrestling 


Curling sheet within a curling rink – the sheet is the ice playing surface.

Ice hockey rink – played on the same ice rink as skating.

Ice skating rink – rounded rectangular shape.

athletics track shot from the ground and the start of th elanes


Golf course – each course varies in shape and style depending on the area it’s in. Competition courses have 18 holes.

Horse racing course – flat or with jumps

Other sports ground types

Diving pool – diving pools have to be at leave 5 metres deep.

Dressage arena – rectangular, slightly smaller than a show jumping arena

Fencing piste or strip

Gymnastics gymnasium with apparatus including floor, rings, pommel horse, vault, bars, beam.

Lawn bowls green – rectangular rink

Swimming pool – rectangular, competition pools are 50 metres by 8 lanes wide.

Table tennis table – rectangular table with a net.

Find out more about all the racket sports options there are to play.

Where you’re from, do you call any of these different names?

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    1. We’ve got padel courts being developed near us, so I’m really hoping I can have a go at it. Never seen pickleball though. It’s not played much over here.

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