air fryer on worktop in kitchen

Air fryer accessories to make cooking even easier

Hands up if you have an air fryer and/or slow cooker. There’s not many people who don’t have one or the other, with some people now rarely using their oven thanks to the versatility of the 2020s kitchen trend appliances (so far).  Since they first became popular, air fryer accessories have been launched and become more popular.

You might not think buying extras for an air fryer is worth the money. But if you want to make your air fryer even more useful, then adding a few extras will help do that.

While slow cookers aren’t as versatile as air fryers, they can be so helpful for people out all day and wanting to have food ready when they walk in the door. Some of us don’t have room for both cooking appliances, and already had a slow cooker. So I’m also including accessories for slow cookers for those of us who don’t (yet) have an air fryer.

air fryer accessories to make cooking easier

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Air fryer accessories

Basket dividers

Some air fryers with larger baskets give the option of splitting the single basket into 2. It means you can cook 2 smaller meal parts at once, making them much more helpful and faster to use. No need for cooking one item then keeping it warm elsewhere while you cook another item.

Silicone air fryer liner

For those of us who hate washing up and want to avoid having to wash the whole basket every time. These are silicone sheets or baskets that sit on the base of the airfryer. Being silicone they are reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher. Make sure you choose the size that fits your basket.

Air fryer racks 

Think like cake wire racks, but resized for the size of air fryer baskets. The can be bought with or separate to other accessories.  The benefits are that they provide a stacking system to help cook food faster by providing a second layer. But also ensuring full circulation around the food being cooked.

Air fryer tongs

Depending on the depth of your airfryer basket, you might need quite long tongs to move things around, turn food over if it’s too breakable to just shake the basket.  I really like the pack of silicone tongs I got, which you can open up to use with a single pull out of the top hanging circle. Or just push back in again to lock them up – making them smaller for storage or washing.

Air fryer baking pans 

Generally similar to normal kitchen pans but smaller to fit in the baskets. Think cake pans, donut and muffin pans. Just watch out for size and shape so they fit your airfryer baskets. If you struggle to avoid overbaking the top of your cakes, try a silicone mat on top of your pans.

To save buying all the individual accessories, look out for air fryer accessory bundle packs. They don’t need to be expensive. Or look out for versatile cooking accessories that will work for both oven and air fryers.

Air fryer magnetic reference sheet

I love this reference sheet – stick it to your fridge or just proper it up somewhere helpful in the kitchen (behind a cupboard door if you don’t like stuff stuck around the place), and use it as a quick guide on timings. Great for those new to using air fryers.

Still debating an airfryer, try one of the below:

Obviously many of these accessories can be used around the kitchen, but can really help especially with keeping an air fryer clean (or easier to clean afterwards).  But what about a slow cookers.  Are there any slow cooker accessories that help with efficiencies?

air fryer on worktop in kitchen

Slow cooker accessories

Slow cooker dividers

These are silicone divider ‘pans’ that enable you to cook 2 different parts of the meal or different dishes, at the same time. They’ll also mean easier cleaning. As you can lift them out, they’ll also be easier to scoop or pour the food out too.

Slow cooker reusable liners

Like the above, these line the crock pot, but because they’re reusable they’re better for sustainability than the disposable bags you can line a pot with. The main purpose is to make it easier and faster to clean the pot, especially as these can go in the dishwasher.

What other air fryer accessories and slow cooker aids do you cook with?

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